Monday, November 7, 2011

Shattered Glass

Media: Construction Paper, Ebony Pencil, a blending stub, and an eraser.
Process:First think of something to draw. For example you can draw an object or an animal of some sort.
Second, get your paper and draw your thing big and in the center of your paper.
Third you do not want to have a lot of detail and little spots because every single section is gonna have a value scale inside of it.
Forth Once you have drawn your object the next thing is to decide on what kind of back round you want, simple or abstract.
Fifth if you want to have color pencil then you have to have either your back round one color of color pencil or your object one color of color pencil.
Sixth You are ready to do your value scales. Go from light to dark. If you just use pencil make your back either dark or light then your object the opposite.
Artist Statement: I really liked how this turned out. I think it would be very cool to draw something like this again. I really like this project. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Abstract Line Design

Title: Circles all Around
Media: Colored Pencil and Construction Paper and Metal and Siccors
1 Divide your paper into 20 sections
2 Fill the sections with different line designs
3 Add color to your paper, add light and solid areas while coloring
4 Leave one section not colered then when you are done coloring. Cut out the section not colored. Get a sheet of metal, ( you can color the metal what color you want ) then get a tooth pick and add your design by pressing in to the metal.
5 Tape the metal from the back then ENJOY!
Artist Statement: I really enjoyed making the piece. The circles were something i added on to make my piece better. I really liked the metal but to put on the metal is hard because you have to line it up exactly! I would do this again any day.